Chris Pratt: Slave for a Day

A free small visual novel game featuring Chris Pratt (Windows PC only). Contains adult themes and sexually graphic content. Has an Unlockable Secret Ending.

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How to install:
  1. Download the ChrisPrattV1.1.rar archive file from one of the mirrors.
  2. Extract the game from the ".rar" archive file with an archive extractor such as 7-Zip.
  3. Launch the ChrisPratt.exe file from the extracted files.

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Disclaimer: This is an entirely free erotic game and a pornographic character parody with an entirely fictional character only based on a person's image.

21/4/2019 Version Update 1.1:
Fixed a bug with the dialogue "Are you even trying to escape?"
Fixed a bug affecting the erection after exiting the secret ending.
Fixed a bug where looping the hand gag played normal grunts instead of muffled.

Rakan tied up

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A tied up Rakan, might eventually do a sequel. I think he can handle some more..

Alternate versions:


Hunting the Hunter

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"The master hunter Rexxar hears rumors of a competition called a hunter's game, but finds that the prey of the hunt could be none other than himself."
Chapter 1: The Champion
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Along the long road wandered a lone figure across the barren desert, accompanied only by a massive grizzly bear slowly staggering behind in his tracks. "Keep up, Misha." He grunted as he winced up at the midday sun, burning bright in an unbearable dry heat.


[sequence under the cut]

Shen Patience

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Shen from League of Legends after an encounter with his rival, Zed. Despite his formidable and respectable reputation as a high class ninja, the moment a warrior loses a duel his life is in the hand of his enemy, no matter the renown. But rather than taking his belongings or killing him, Zed took the bulky man himself and had his apprentices carry the heavy hunk back to his temple.


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Graves from League of Legends, firmly bound with his masculine body strip naked and his thick meat also strapped with rope. At least his captor has left him the courtesy of enjoying one last cigar before the inevitable gag. Despite being playful and confident even in the face of danger, Graves recognizes perhaps this one won't turn as favorable.

It was fun drawing Graves' more beefy body and a slightly different take on how I usually draw the chest and especially the pecs, to create more of a "manly man" with proper chest hair and the stereotypical smoking.


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Malzahar from League of Legends, stripped and chained. Normally the black wizard can just float away, but the ball and chain is rather effectively limiting his floating range. And with his other leg chained to his cuffed wrists behind his back, the wizard has no other option but to float... with his big erection chained by a cock ring. And a pair of socks lodged in his mouth, using his own bandana as the gag to keep him from inciting any verbal spells.

I always liked the "serious masculine mage" type of character, as the idea of weaponizing magic for fighting is really cool. But mages are often downplayed for their sheer power level, Malzahar being one of the rare sort that's allowed to be at his most powerful. Which of course leads my depiction of his bondage to be somewhat surprising to him, to have his great and powerful form subdued in such a sexual manner.