Triple Kill

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Udyr and Malzahar managed to overpower Pantheon, Dr. Mundo and Yasuo, all characters from League of Legends.

Group bondage's always fun to draw, but what's really lying underneath this picture is the aspect of male sexuality in games such as League of Legends. Powerful guys all fighting to become the victor, constantly trying to dominate each other and prove who's the best and strongest champion. But in this scenario, they use bondage as a means of domination rather than killing each other, forcing their opponents to submit.

Each of the champions have an expression to match their feelings---Pantheon angry and standing still, unwilling to surrender his pride despite his humiliated state. Dr. Mundo ever so disappointed in the background, unable to protect his allies despite his massive size. Yasuo concerned with the gag being strapped in his mouth, still looking for ways to escape. Udyr smug and enjoying himself as he seizes his foes' dick in his clawed hands, claiming them as his trophy prizes. Malzahar still slightly resentful and bitter, enjoying restraining the foe that gave him so much trouble.

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