Soldier 76

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They were always like this. Whatever political differences or work-related quarrels, at the end of the day they still had a huge affection for one another. So much to the point that even after getting knocked out cold, Jack Morrison didn't even take to waking up undressed already tied to a chair. They were never exactly the romantic type, but two bossy men who both always tried to outdo one another.

And Jack's casual attitude only in turn annoyed Gabriel Reyes, who wanted to remind the soldier he just lost. Gagging him only pissed him off in return, which was Gabriel's goal for the night. To keep his captive at his mercy and edge the fucker all night long to the point of utter frustration, and only when he was ready to beg would he allow the soldier to come.

Soldier 76 and Reaper from Overwatch. This picture was mostly an experiment with a new coloring method, featuring Soldier 76 from Overwatch as the bound prize. "Jack" is too old to play the tease game, but he's no longer in a position to negotiate the terms of his captivity.

What I love about guys in a submissive position is when they're confident and playful in spite of their restrained vulnerable state, and then angry and defiant when dominated, unwilling to surrender their masculine pride.

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