Shen Patience

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Shen from League of Legends after an encounter with his rival, Zed. Despite his formidable and respectable reputation as a high class ninja, the moment a warrior loses a duel his life is in the hand of his enemy, no matter the renown. But rather than taking his belongings or killing him, Zed took the bulky man himself and had his apprentices carry the heavy hunk back to his temple.

Infatuated with the man under the armor, Zed stripped his captive of everything, save his iconic mask, to reveal the ninja's perfectly sculpted body otherwise completely forsaken by Shen's emotionless nature. Already burning with excitement, he then proceeded to restrain the ninja's muscular form, straining rope around Shen's naked body to claim it as his possession, leaving the once heavily armored man entirely naked and firmly bound in the deep solitary dungeon.

Despite being completely exposed at his captor's mercy, Shen still didn't react even the slightest and remained both steadfast and immovable, as if nothing Zed could do would ever shake the stoic warrior's resolve. "You're not above this, Shen..." Zed growled, already growing irritated with the lack of response. They were now entering a battle of wills, Shen determined to endure any hardship and prove himself stronger by outlasting Zed's limited patience.

Already he could feel Shen's unyielding stubbornness putting his patience to the test... but this time, the stakes were different. He had Shen. The adamant warrior was now literally a slave to his desire. With a grim chuckle, he ran his clawed glove teasingly down the ninja's exposed skin, pinching his nipple much to provoke some reaction. He then returned to the ninja's eyes, but still Shen didn't even flinch.

Impatient for results, he traveled further down his captive's body and reached for Shen's flaccid dick. "It matters not... because I have you now," Zed taunted as he glared into the ninja's eyes while he jerked the ninja's dick with his soft yet firm leather gloves, squeezing the length in the palm of his hand all while his second hand rotated between massaging the ballsack and ever so slightly probing into the urethra while teasing the foreskin.

Despite Shen's best attempt to conceal himself from the pleasure, eventually his breathing started to pick up with his big pumped chest rapidly expanding and contrasting as his dick began to throb and pulse from the constant stimulation of the tight grip stroking his manhood. Zed enjoy every minute of it as he stared triumphantly into Shen's eyes to assert his dominance, the ninja trying to glare back in defiance with his eyes starting to twitch as he grew closer and closer to his climax.

Then, just as Shen was starting to feel the surge of unbelievable pleasure fill his entire body, it came to a complete stop as Zed suddenly squeezed hard around the base, killing the moment and leaving Shen at the verge. Then he let go and Shen's rock hard dick flopped up against his chest, the erection towering in the air with the precum dripping down on his captor's black pants.

Already there was a hint of begging in Shen's eyes and the overly satisfying victory rush filled Zed's chest to the point where everything he wanted to do was tear off his armor and thrust his own member into Shen, but in reaching for Shen's sweaty body his hand paused and instead he grabbed another stack of rope off the floor, stretching it out before Shen's quivering eyes.

"W- What are you doing..." The warrior panted with a slight tremble in his voice, finally starting to squirm and resist. Watching Shen panic gave Zed such satisfaction he could feel his own steel hard as rock bulging in his pants. Then he leaned down and gave the ninja's stiff cock a few more tugs before coiling rope around the base, joining Shen's manhood in his bondage.

Having to turn around immediately to not show his huge bulge, Zed left his captive struggling desperately and calling out to him, "Zed! You can't just leave me here...!" For the first time, he had managed to make Shen feel his dominance. And now he was going to enjoy breaking the warrior in slow until Shen became his eager submissive partner.

(Should Shen not manage to escape in the meanwhile...) [Continuation]

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