Rexxar in the Dungeon

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Rexxar from World of Warcraft, getting tied up in a dungeon. Angrily tugging in the ropes that seem to be magically coming to life from the floor, wrapping around his limbs and constraining his muscular form, soon to become a permanent guest in the prison cell.

I've always been a huge fan of Rexxar. My obsession stems from the appeal of tribal warriors---masculine men that sport their muscular shirtless torso as part of their fighter appearance, usually taking on bestial markings to show off and symbolize their fierce strength.

What was especially fun in this picture was drawing the ropes entangling the warrior from below, much like the classic scene from Disney's Sleeping Beauty where Prince Phillip is ambushed by goblins and tied up like a game of tetherball. And then applying that concept to a naked male---with his big throbbing dick getting squeezed along his flat stomach as the rope wraps around his waist.

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