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[Previously...] Zed thought he had finally done it. His rival Shen now firmly secured in his dungeon below, free for him to play with whenever he felt like it. Little did he expect the ninja to ambush him in his own corridor but a few hours later. And though he had won their previous duel, this time Shen seemed... a great deal more motivated.

It didn't take long for Zed to end up in the exact same situation as he had put his rival. The ninja even stabbed his sword into the pillar to pin the master of shadows in place. But despite Shen's rough manhandling, Zed couldn't help but let loose his iconic smug laugh... because this was so unlike the stoic warrior. Though much more focused and less teasing, Shen still stripped him and even grabbed his dick, jerking him hard in order to restrain his eager manhood with a cock-ring.

Zed had awakened something in Shen that had been denied for too long... his sexual desire. After a couple of hours, one of Zed's apprentices finally walked past the captured master of the temple, stunned by the sight of his lord's stripped form and still hard erection. "I demand release," Zed commanded... only maybe he should have chosen his words more carefully.

Zed from League of Legends.

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