One Drink Too Many

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At first I was skeptical. The blonde just kept going on and on about this hook up he had, “the single most erotic encounter of his life.” All I wanted was for him to stop talking but he seemed to have his mind set on me joining his next session with the guy. Given the kid’s… lackluster appeal and non-stop yapping it wasn’t exactly a mystery why. Ezreal had always been more feminine than male, though any mention of it always struck a nerve.

Unfortunately for me though, I was both drunk and miserable at the time. Maybe I signed on because it’d beat the hell of a hangover from the amount of booze it would take to drown my sorrows in this bar. Or perhaps it was just to get the pretty boy to shut his trap and stop trying to sweet talk me. Mostly it was just, “Yeah whatever.” It ain’t my first rodeo of strange sexual encounters in Runeterra.

“But seriously, what’s the fun of being tied up? You just stay there… do nothing. What a bore,” I asked mistakenly and he took my question mark as an incentive to prattle on about his vivid experience. “It’s the loss of control—the feeling of being completely helpless and at someone else’s mercy. You feel so vulnerable and exposed it creates an entire new aspect of excitement—” and he would just go on and on like some kind of presentation.

“The professor type, eh?” I mumbled as I blocked out most of what he said, sinking my head grouchy while sipping from my straw Mai Tai. Ten minutes later and he was still babbling on about it. I couldn’t even hear myself think with his long–winded mumbo jumbo and annoying voice. My eye started to twitch and for better or worse, I tilted my head back and groaned, “Fine. Fine. I’ll join. Just sign me up or whatever.”

There it was. My legendary “whatever.” The “let’s just get this shit over with.” I could tell it was what the boy was after as his bright blue eyes gleamed, and I let out a deep sigh with half a smirk. I suppose I was just too irresistible to young girls like him. And it wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve banged, given certain tentacle marks from one heck of a brute calling herself a priestess.

Just as I was about to get up from my seat and get going with the blondie, he pulled my arm down and told me to stay put. “Eh?” I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, starting to get mixed signals. “He wants us to stay put,” Ezreal explained in a lowered voice. Oh right, it was probably a threesome I had signed on for. I looked back around the bar of silhouettes whispering together. It was first now I realized it was a pretty shady place. Or I was just that smashed.

“He doesn’t want you to look,” Ezreal stressed as he tugged in my arm again. “Well then how the fuck-” I barked somewhat impatient and he gave me the expression of, “I just explained it to you.” Of course, I didn’t listen to a word of it. So I just gave him the “I’ll play along” nod and everything seemed okay again. He even paid my tab, it never struck me how loaded the guy actually was.

Ezreal then gave a nod to some guy behind us like a signal. Not before long, a pair of shots arrived on the counter. “Bottom’s up, Yasuo.” He winked at me as he emptied his glass. I shrugged my shoulders… any decision that got my tab paid and a free shot couldn’t be all bad. I followed his example and emptied the glass in one draught. It had a strong kick, just the right kind of sharp burning aftertaste. The effects only became more intoxicating and after a few minutes things even started to get blurry.

“Waiga minut, tit tusually takes ten moar bottlfffes to git mue ‘his smashed…” I groaned tipsy as my head began to spin and there was now three beautiful blond women where Ezreal had been sitting. As I tried counting them, a big dark man suddenly spoke behind me, “Come on you drunks, time to get you a cab home.” I would object, considering I had no home, but before I got a word in he literally pulled both of us over his arms and dragged us outside.

“You shtronk,” Ezreal commented with a grin and a burp from the other side of the broad shoulders. But there was no carriage, only a single saddled horse waiting with a big empty linen sack over its back. “Buh how re gonna git home just om horse?” I asked with a loose raised finger as we embarked on this tipsy new adventure. In all the blurriness I could only make out the stranger’s smirk.

My question was quickly answered as he put us down and shoved us together, grabbing the sack from the horse and opening it wide. “…Oh,” I shrugged as he pulled it down over our heads, engulfing me inside the bag together with the boy. It was a tight fit and he showed no restraint in manhandling us, literally mashing us until we fit the space and then proceeded to seal us inside.

Ezreal’s face was buried deep inside my crotch and his left foot was pressing against my face in the darkness. It would have been super awkward and uncomfortable, but the boy was already knocked out and I was already clinging to what little consciousness I had left. Suddenly we got pulled up and swung through the air, landing on the horseback. The last thing I remember was his deep voice saying, “Off to the dungeon with you.” Then everything turned black.

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How many hours had gone by since I passed out? Everything was usually a blur waking up from a night at the pub, but this time the details were quite vivid—which was only a testament to how little alcohol I had actually consumed for once. The last thing I remembered was Ezreal’s bedtime story about his sex adventure and some mention about bondage.

…Bondage. Fuck.

I wasn’t estranged to waking up without clothes. But usually it was in the comfort of a warm bed with someone… or at least something next to me. But this time was different.

Everything was dark and I couldn’t see shit. My face had been covered by some sort of full leather mask. I could feel the cold air brushing against my skin as I was standing up against a wall with both my arms and legs stretched out. Any attempt to move was hindered by countless ropes straining against body. Even my fucking dick had been restrained. The bastard had actually beat my meat until I was stiff as a rock, then roped the base before squeezing the tip under a rope around my stomach.

To top it off, some form of rubber shape was pressed deep into my mouth, preventing any and all forms of speech. A gag. “Mmmfh oomfhhh, mmmphfg umhfhm mmmmph…!” I moaned in my feeble attempt to speak. Trying to struggle with all of my strength only resulted in a light wriggle. I was literally stuck. Helplessly bound. Captured even.

Even stranger… it felt amazing. Every muscle in my body was strained and my heart was pounding in both fear and excitement. I felt both vulnerable and incredibly aroused being exposed in such a helpless and objectified state.

It’s only ever so rare a guy gets to experience this level of arousal. That feeling when you’re so hard it’s like your dick is solid rock and can’t get any stiffer, searing with urges that fill every ounce of your body and all you crave is that sweet sensation of release. Yet there was no one, I was left here with my throbbing erection like a toy waiting to be used.

“Mmm, mmmph…” Another person moaned within the chamber. The voice sounded much lighter, almost like a girl… but not quite. Ezreal. After all, he too had been shoved into the sack with me, so it only made sense he would be in this… dungeon. Slowly the pieces began to come together. Was this the experience he had described? Who had kidnapped us? When was the big brute going to reveal himself?

A door creaked at the other end of the room. Perhaps it was the sounds of our moans that had let the master know his toys had finally awoken. In my blinded state, all I could rely on was sound. His heavy footsteps approached us from across the stone floor. He was barefooted. Significantly bigger than me.

“Heh, look at you now… Yasuo.” He chuckled with his deep masculine voice. I recognized it. It was the voice of… Darius. The Hand of Noxus, a military general. A man with a reputation for complete brutality and dominance. And now I had managed to land in his dungeon. Completely naked, helplessly restrained and a hood over my face. I was literally his fucking bitch.

One hand reached around my throat, squeezing my windpipe within his iron grip. The other around my shaft and balls. I gulped as I dreaded the amount of pain about to get inflicted upon my body. Even blindfolded, I could tell how smug his expression was as he held my life within one hand and my manhood in the other.

Then, against all my expectations, he let go. And he made a sound I had never heard him make before. A hearty laugh. Then, a satisfied smack on my ass. My lust was back on full. “Like blondie told you—you’re my pet now… my toy… my plaything.” He complimented me as I felt his big warm rod poke against my body. And it was at this point that I realized, maybe—just maybe—I should have paid Ezreal’s conversation more attention.

As he fondled me, I began to ponder. The Darius I knew was a cruel and merciless warrior. And never once would I have imagined being a slave in his dungeon would entice me so. But this was an entirely different side of him. This was the lover in him… a deep burning passion for sexual dominance.

Of course, that meant my role was to serve as his sex toy. He had stripped away everything that made me a person, my clothes, my ability to move and speak, even my identity had been stolen away under the cover of my leather mask.

Yet somehow it was madly arousing. Everything I felt was just pure physical sensations. My whole body was being put to the limit through his ropework. His hand constantly caressing my tightly restrained dick like a plaything. My mind fogged with lust and my struggle only made the experience so much more intense. I was his sex slave and my only purpose now was pleasure and titillation.

“Yasuo. From this point on I am your master, you live only to serve me.” He gloated as he squeezed my dick with my ballsack in-between his fingers. From Ezreal’s echoed moans I could only guess he was holding the boy in a similar position.  "Mmm-mmoomfh-mmmmh…“ I groaned and squirmed in my bonds. I could already feel the sweat roll down my body.

My only regret was the blindfold. Darius was always packing, a perfectly sculpted body bulging with muscles. His monstrous dick rubbing against the surface of my abs. My prayers were answered as he finally pulled the hood off my face. And with it, the gag came out of my mouth for a brief time, my jaw still sore from having such a hard object shoved inside for so long.

"Ah…” I gasped as it took a few seconds for my eyes to get used to the light again. The dungeon was well-lit with candles, walls of stone with chains and cages enough to contain well over ten men this way. Darius stood right in front of me, still one head taller wearing only a leather harness over his big bulging chest. He looked down at me with a smug glare and I scoffed as he grabbed my chin and turned my head from side to side like inspecting his prize.

“Darius, wa- ammph.” I tried to speak, but he wouldn’t allow it and covered my mouth with the palm of his hand, squeezing my cheeks in his grip as he smirked in his dominance over me. “Yasuo, ah… I know you. Always so aloof. That’s why I knew you’d take the bait. You’re mine now, you understand?” He stated as he held my head up and looked me straight in the eyes without blinking even once.

Part of my ego just sunk to the bottom as he said it. I truly felt helpless in the moment, like I was just this little thing in his big hands. Of course he had set a trap. And here I was, squirming like a freshly caught fish in his net. But at the same time, it sparked a fire in me. My masculine pride refusing to just submit, just because he had me tied up didn’t make me less of a man.

And so I struggled anew, tugging away at the ropes while trying to escape his grip. “Hmmmp!” I grunted angrily as I stared back at into his eyes. From his excited look, that seemed to be the reaction he had hoped for. Whether he preferred me struggling or saw it as a challenge to break me. Regardless, he reached for the gag again and shoved it back into my mouth. “No-omph!” I protested as the silicone shape filled my mouth again—which I now realized was the shape of a penis.

As he finished retying the strings behind my neck, he turned his attention to Ezreal. The boy was standing next to me with his arms tied behind his back, with but a single rope keeping him anchored to a hook on the wall. “You did good in bringing in the r┼Źnin. For that you shall be rewarded today, pet.” He applauded the helplessly bound lad as he lifted him with a grip around his throat. “Mmmh… mmmph!” Ezreal moaned and flailed with his cock stiff and tied like my own.

Then, he hauled the guy over his shoulder again and the rope that held him in place just snapped. He then proceeded to waltz out of the dungeon, leaving me behind as the big wooden door shut behind him. “HMMMPH!” I tried to roar, but the gag still muffled my every word. I looked around for any means of escape, but nothing short of a miracle was going to break me lose.

Silence befell the chamber again. I closed my eyes to meditate, my raging boner still unwavering. Ezreal had described the experience as exhilarating from what little attention I had given his speech. My first-hand would prove him right. But was Darius ever planning to release us? How long was I going to be his prisoner? I had truly lost all my freedom, even power over my own body.

Should I be allowing myself to enjoy this or worry for my safety? Did I let my drink rule my life one too many times or was this simply a new form of pleasure? Did Darius really distinguish lovers from past enemies in his bedchambers? …And when was my new “master” ever going to give my throbbing erection any attention?

I was so lost in thought it caught me by complete when the rope that tied me was suddenly snapped. Darius had already returned and was releasing me from my post on the wall, though he quickly retied my hands behind my back.  As his final detail, he attached a rope to my already tightly restrained ballsack and tugged it like a leash.

I could walk, and he intended for me to follow. “Come pup,” he commanded. Given the short range on my “leash”, straying too far would be painful. It was nothing short of embarrassing to follow him around in this state, naked to boot with my balls jiggling and my hard shaft swaying in the air. The big padded gag in my mouth silencing any protests.

As we exited the dungeon,  I could tell by the architecture that we were in a Noxian keep. Although there were no guards posted in the halls, just armor and weapons stands, pictures of their ugly noblemen lit by fancy oil lamps. We took a turn to the right and entered what seemed like a royal bedroom, lots of puffy furniture, monstrous statue decor, a pair of twin axes on the wall and a big king-sized bed… where Ezreal was bent over the foot with his ass plainly exposed.

The boy’s face still entirely covered by that black leather mask. It was like a symbol of being a bondage slave, leaving only the canvas of his body visible. Maybe I had just gotten a special privilege of not wearing one on my first time. Or maybe he just thought Ezreal looked better with pretty his blonde hair engulfed by the hood.

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My “master” didn’t take any chances in letting me escape. He forced me on to the bed and didn’t release my arms from behind my back until he had the shackles around my wrists. I was then spread tied across the bed, each limb tied a bedpost with my head at least resting against a big fluffy pillow. However humiliating it was being strapped down to his bed, it was still infinitely more comfortable than the dungeon. Being allowed in his bedroom was probably blondie’s reward for “getting me.”

Darius’ next move was grabbing a big bottle of lube and started hot dogging Ezreal by rubbing his enormously large dick in-between the boy’s cheeks, as he let the thick liquid pour from the tip of the bottle down on his throbbing meat. Ezreal wriggled in his bindings and moaned, whether excited or terrified, there was only one way his story could end now.

“Now is the time for your reward, slave.” Darius commented with a sly grin as he finally slipped the tip of his dick into Ezreal’s small hole. The boy’s muffled groans only grew louder through the leather mask as Darius took the long slide inside, slowly softening him up for the inevitable grind. He kept at it in a slow phase, letting the boy get a good feel for his length before he placed both hands on the boy’s waist and began to pummel.

The bed shook from the motion and I had the front row seat, the only thing blocking my view was my own erection swaying along with the quaking bed frame. Darius’ stamina seemed unending, as he went on and on for almost half an hour, only taking small breaks in-between to give Ezreal a breather and apply a fresh batch of lube.

Finally Ezreal let out a long-drawn moan and from the way Darius looked down, I could only guess the boy reached his climax before him. I expected him to get furious with the blonde for cumming before him, but now I was starting to realize my purpose in this… Ezreal was never enough for that stallion, to which end I gulped as he pulled out with a satisfied smirk and looked my way with his big pulsing meat.

But one thing didn’t add up. If my ass was next, why was I lying on my back with my legs spread? I got the sense Ezreal had already served the purpose of being Darius’ bottom bitch. And from the way he looked at me, I began to realize what was in store for me with my manhood towering in the air. Holy mother of Runeterra, Darius was going to ride me.

“You better last longer than he did or you’ll be spending the next month in my dungeon,” Darius threatened as he climbed on to the bed and started to mount me. I gulped, my dick was already on edge from this intense experience with precum leaking from the tip. Lasting until my rider got his release was going to be the hardest challenge of my life.

He let the lube run down my hot shaft and rubbed his cheeks against it while I had a frontal view of his chiseled abs, strong legs and the giant erect spear. He reached behind and took hold of my meat as he began to slide down on it. I had to bite down hard on the silicone from just nutting at the feeling of my dick pressing into his tight hole. Like the rope’s tight hold around my base and balls wasn’t intoxicating enough, now my whole length was being squeezed from all sides by the warm fleshy walls of his cavity.

And then it began. He began to slide up and down, feeling the fresh air against my throbbing cock only briefly before his hole engulfed my manhood again. The pleasure was so overwhelming I forgot all about my struggle to get free. My heart racing as the blood in my body surged to my crotch, the only thing on my mind was the urge to just let the climax happen—craving only that sweet, sweet divine feeling of release. And I had to fight it every step of the way if I wanted to last, having to hold my breath just to avoid unloading inside his ass.

It went on and on for so long. It was so hard to focus between all the sweat and heat that I only glimpsed the big muscular man riding me, constantly shutting my eyes as I groaned into my gag. “MmMMhfhh, MMMMMPHF, HMMMMMMPH.” All other sounds drowned in my loud moans as I bolted upwards to follow his motion and just fuck him with every ounce of my being.

“HMMMMMPFFFFH…” I roared as it finally happened. My whole body was burning up, the sweat drenched the sheets and my dick felt like it was exploding. I could feel every drop of my load flowing out of my dick, the hot streams filling his ass to the point where the fluid spilled out over my own crotch. It was the most glorious orgasm I had ever felt.

All the tension in my body was instantaneously relieved, like a heavy weight had just been lifted and I could finally breathe again. It was then the panic hit me. I had cum too early and I looked up at the man riding me, expecting nothing but his furious rage.

Instead I caught the exact moment where his volcano erupted, the white cream splattering all over my lean chest in a long trail all the way up to my face. I had to close my right eye as I felt his sperm run down my eyebrow. “Ah, ah… that fucking hit the spot,” Darius gasped as his breathing also began to slow down.

I was spent. Every muscle in my exhausted and I felt like a shrimp with my dick finally limp as he climbed off me. I looked at him with my left eye and his jizz covering half my face. He chuckled and bent down to pick something up from the floor, his ass still dripping with my semen.

It was my leather mask. “Come on man,” I tried to say as I pointed to the cuffs around my wrists. But he ignored my muffled plead and pulled the mask over my face again, his semen getting smeared all over my face inside the tight mask. I wriggled in defiance, angry and upset. “HMMP, MMMFH OMMMPFH!” But in the end I already knew he wasn’t going to set me free anytime soon. After all, he had just started to break in his new pet.

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