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Malzahar from League of Legends, stripped and chained. Normally the black wizard can just float away, but the ball and chain is rather effectively limiting his floating range. And with his other leg chained to his cuffed wrists behind his back, the wizard has no other option but to float... with his big erection chained by a cock ring. And a pair of socks lodged in his mouth, using his own bandana as the gag to keep him from inciting any verbal spells.

I always liked the "serious masculine mage" type of character, as the idea of weaponizing magic for fighting is really cool. But mages are often downplayed for their sheer power level, Malzahar being one of the rare sort that's allowed to be at his most powerful. Which of course leads my depiction of his bondage to be somewhat surprising to him, to have his great and powerful form subdued in such a sexual manner.

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