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Yasuo from League of Legends, waking up in bondage yet again.

"You would think a situation like this would surprise him, but when you've passed out drunk enough times you start getting accommodated to waking up in some awkward situations."

What I really wanted to with this picture was experiment with coloring and try an interesting perspective.  You can see the sun dawning on his body, the sweat still rolling down his hot skin from the hangover, his groggy eyes and obvious realization of his state, weary of "this shit that just keeps happening"... but still knowing he's got no one to blame but himself.

I love Yasuo as a character because he's a R┼Źnin, a samurai without a master---a man with lost honor, who still inspires to stay true to the way of the warrior but has been shaped by the hardships of life. A man who endures and pushes forward despite the difficulties in his life---even if that includes waking up strip naked with his wrists tied to wooden poles and a craving erection.

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