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Within the League of Legends, it wasn't just the size of your muscles that determined your strength. Every time an enemy champion bested you, they would get paid a significant sum of gold, which they in turn spent buying enchanted armor and weapons to enhance their fighting strength even further. It didn't take long for one champion to start completely dominating another.

The great and powerful iron revenant Mordekaiser thought this encounter would end up with him ramming the puny blonde's ass. Instead, their bet to see who could take one another resulted in his muscular body firmly restrained as the boy prodigy Ezreal toyed with his otherwise dominant foe, even going as far as to firmly restraining the massive dick even thicker than his own arms... just mounting that huge member on his own body, feeling ever so confident in his dominance the unholy knight.

Ezreal and Mordekaiser from League of Legends.

Alternate "Angry" version:
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