Disney Dungeon

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Once upon a time, there was a brave and strong hero. An evil villain took the princess captive and the hero fought the villain. But just as he was about to save the day and defeat the villain once for all, the evildoer used the princess as his hostage and gave the hero the choice: either surrender to captivity or allow the princess to get hurt.

Nine heroes later, the trick still worked. The dungeon starting to get quite full with those brave valiant men now stripped, bound and gagged as the villain's prisoners. 

Another character line-up, this time featuring the Disney princes (and a petrified Goliath at the break of down from The Gargoyles). Though the princes are no stranger to captivity (they always seem to manage it somehow), this time around their captor might have taken it a step further.

I specifically choose to try and mimic the Disney coloring style for these---it's actually quite an art to omit so much detail in a simplistic style, because it means those few lines you draw have to be shaped rather well to express all the form you're leaving out.

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