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Yasuo: Say Shen, is there any truth to the rumor?
Shen: …What rumor?
Yasuo: Erh… That you’re lookin’ for a volunteer?
Shen: Don’t entertain this. He’s possessive and kinky.
Yasuo: I wasn’t- ah… just curios.
Shen: Please tell me you didn’t give him any indication.
Yasuo: Uhm…
Shen: What… did you do.
Yasuo: I may have winked?
Shen: He’s getting your collar engraved as we speak.
Yasuo: My… collar?
Yasuo, Shen and Zed from League of Legends. I've run this continuous small story concept of Shen and Zed in a more or less active BDSM relationship, with Yasuo getting dragged into it... not fully realizing just what he signed up for, but still intrigued none the less.

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