Batman Snatched

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Batman being kidnapped by a perverted crook.

Kidnapping's always been a powerful fantasy in male bondage. The thing about the male sex---it's dominant by nature, while bondage is forced submission. So how do you blend these two opposites and retain the dominant nature of the male character while putting him in a submissive position?

By giving him no other choice. Kidnapping here is a way to force submission on to an otherwise dominant character: allowing him to retain his pride by denying that this act of submission is something he never agreed to, and that he'll fight every step of the way.

In this case, the superhero was unconscious following a fight. Only this time around it, wasn't a nice bystander that came to his help, but a perverted thug that saw an opportunity to seize the helpless hero as his naked captive. Before Batman even regains his senses, he's been strip naked and bound with rope, already getting dragged into a van, presumably to end up in some basement or dungeon.

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