Once More

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Shen and Zed from League of Legends, helplessly captured and positioned up against each other in a dungeon, likely to humiliate their masculine pride even further as their balls are joined by a single rope all while their stiff rods rub against each other during their ceaseless struggle.

I love the concept of guys interacting during bondage, how they would react and rationalize their joined sexual peril. Do they succumb to their desire or try and talk off the awkwardness of suddenly having your dick pressed against another man's? ...Or in this case, pretend it's not even a bother and continue to banter and blame one and another for the situation, even mocking the other guy's sex life?

This was inspired by a pose from a Skyrim adult mod where the guy was tied to a barrow wheel on a pole, where I could angle the guys in such a way as the picture depicts and have their boners join together. The wheel proved way more difficult to draw though, so I settled for a simple fence---which in turn made their pose even more uncomfortable with their knees supporting their weight and the rope joining their balls keeping them standing straight.


  1. Ahahaha, Shenpai. I'd love to keep Shenpai and Zed in my basement.

  2. Bickering our Role Playing I wonder XD.

  3. The moment I saw this I thought "This image completes my life."

    Fucking Zed, man. I got a refreshing laugh out of this, so thanks! xD

    Keep up the amazing work, friend! I always look forward to seeing your art, especially the League stuff, and the Shen/Zed lights up my life. :D