Zed and Shen

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Zed and Shen from League of Legends, bound together once more. If you see me drawing these a lot, that's exactly the case. Just these two incredibly muscular warriors still wearing their signature ninja helmets, captured in a dungeon and standing still joined together by rope.

How did they end up in this situation? Likely captured by some greater foe, kept prisoner and humiliated by being joined in such erotic bondage. Being the calm and focused warrior that he is, Shen's only thinking of ways to escape when he suddenly notices Zed starting to rub his dick against Shen's own, looking down confused as to why his rival would succumb to this state.

"Just shut up and rub back," Zed barks and after a moment of silence, Shen quietly agrees. To Zed, he's simply furious over his captivity and his attraction to Shen being used against him, a distraction he'd rather get rid of to regain his focus. And Shen being his stoic and impassive self, just pondering and slowly acknowledging the erotic state he's in, trying to remember and allowing him to be just a man for this brief moment.


  1. Well when there's nothing else to do.

    1. If only a summoner could command them to do more or torture them more. :D It's not like they have any right to refuse anyway. They obey every mouse click.