Big Game Hunter

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“Big Game Hunter.” A reference to a Hearthstone card which destroys other cards with a high attack. Gruul the Dragonkiller, Illidan Stormrage and some insolent dwarf.

Fantasy card games like Hearthstone especially is an environment where tables turn fast, and big powerful creatures (or men) are quickly overpowered by the right card with the right effect. And a small little dwarf with a gun can instantly take out the biggest threats on the board.

Which painted me this picture of this stupid little dwarf and his "prized trophies," an endearing size difference where the bigger they are... well, the harder they'll struggle as his bound prizes. With both Gruul and Illidan detesting the fact that such a midget had the power to best their superior masculine forms. Their stripped state symbolizing the power he now holds over them, displaying them as the mere beasts that he caught.

I could go on.

This is still one of my favorite pictures, simply because I love how the proportions and focus in the image turned out, with how both of the monstrously large guys are glaring down at the dwarf with their purple skin off-setting them as part of the background, "the bounty." And especially the anatomy, how pumped Illidan's chest looks and how dumbfounded and salty Gruul looks to even be in this situation. "I'm way too big for this. This shouldn't even be possible."

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  1. Maybe I should play this game so I can end up in this situation.