Mid First

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Since the beginning of the match, they had been at each other's throats arguing over the privilege to a single lane, both equally stubborn to the bone. Despite outnumbering their lone opponent and aid from their jungler, their constant infighting caused all three of them to fall to a single opponent.

Unknown to their behalf, the magics in the rift had been tampered with and caused them to revive elsewhere, both strip naked and helplessly captured. Despite their dire situation, the two boneheads still continued to argue, muffled armed with only angry grunts and glares.

“Mid First.” Familiar to anyone whose played League of Legends. Talon, Lee Sin and Yasuo.

In one of the earlier game states, there wasn't much of a system in terms of organization and so players had to decide the roles to take on in the game themselves. And guys being guys, obviously always competed to be the big carry in the center of the map who would get all the kills and win the game for the team single-handedly. And so they'd argue with each other about who would go to "mid," (the middle lane) often sometimes in games lost purely because they wouldn't stop fighting each other.

Which in this case, has Talon and Yasuo still arguing even after they got bested in a fight, with Lee Sin simply being the one responsible guy trying to help them and getting caught up with them. The three of them captured by the enemy, yet still trying to roar at each other despite their muffled speech. Their dick measuring contest becoming ever so much more obvious, unwilling to swallow their pride even when it's bound up for everyone to see.


  1. Great work as always!

    :D I've always wanted to see Talon and Lee Sin in bondage after seeing the art skin for SSW Talon, Renegade Talon, Muay Thai Lee Sin, and Knockout Lee Sin. Just another character to focus attacks on when I'm baiting as Sona or Janna.

  2. should create a longer background story