Tamed Beast

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"Umf-omh.. GRRR-MMPH!" He growled like a wild beast as he looked down at the chains that shackled him. Never before had he felt such shame. Not only had he let his guard down and gotten captured, but it was even difficult for him to struggle with his wrists linked together with his stiff cock. He was supposed to be a vessel for the untamed primal animal spirits, but all he was channeling now was that of a tamed pup.

Udyr from League of Legends, contemplating his state of captivity with a rising level of resentment. With both shackles joined to a tight metal ring around his dick, any attempt at struggling would only be met by extreme pain. Such a simple light restraint should not hold such a massive beast, but the clever design has left him in a checkmate.

What I really wanted to explore with this drawing was just drawing big thick beefy arms, and really show off those bulging pecs in a pose that's just really graceful. A muscular man just slightly bending his head in admission of defeat, forced to bottle up his savage anger and stay still as a prisoner.

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