Healing Touch

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"This is wrong, but... the sensation of healing like this, I've only read about it in the most naughty of volumes. He- he doesn't even seem to mind, I never even thought it possible for him to be this calm. And it would be wrong to leave him here injured... though freeing him is far too dangerous," Anduin thought lost in lust as he rubbed his dick against the orc's massive stiff cock, all while wishing away his bruises and cuts.

"Meh... as long as he's healing me, may as well let the whelp have his fun," Garrosh thought still fatigued and weak from his lost battle as he closed his eyes again to rest while enjoying the restorative energies surging through his body together with the pleasure of finally having his throbbing erection taken care of.

Anduin Wrynn healing a beaten and bound Garrosh Hellscream. Under no normal circumstance would an orc as proud as Garrosh, let alone a "Warchief of the Horde," ever submit to such a puny human prince, but after suffering a severe defeat and being trussed up in bondage, he's "allowing" the boy some curious fun during the healing process.

Anduin, likely only having been permitted near the orc if he agreed to submit afterwards and already been made to strip, goes to any length to show his dedication to peace by gaining the warchief's trust through self-sacrifice. But as he begins to heal the naked and bound orc, he experiences a rare side-effect from healing magic, the sheer and raw amplification of sexual urges. Even the Warchief's meat shoots up, as thick and long as his own arm, and the hormonal boy prince can't help himself grabbing them as he tries to stay focused on the healing task at hand.

Another size difference picture, what I gunned for in this illustration was capturing the feeling of this little guy just working on a big oat. Especially with Garrosh's balls squeezed between Anduin's leg as he tries to reach the pecs.

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