When I was young, I was riddled with doubts because unlike most boys at my age, not only did I fantasize about my own gender but I'd picture him all tied up. I would come up with stories from bets gone wrong to kidnappings where the big strong hero would suddenly find himself in naked peril, horny and helplessly restrained at the mercy of his new 'master'.

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It made me question why. What was it about naked guys getting all roped up that pushed my every button? For most people it's merely a kink, a foreplay before the actual intercourse begins. A couple of cuffs to spice things up and entice the partner.

But for a few select people, it is an obsession deep within our roots. A sexual fetish where the excitement comes from enacting the fetish itself. The highlight is the moment when we feel all of our elements are present and the climax is simply a means to end the session.

These elements all differ from person to person, it's unclear when or how we come to need these elements, only that they are the defining trait of our fetishism. One of my friends love leather especially in the form of gloves over the mouth, another is obsessed with an element as fictional as tentacles that spring forth and exploit their muscular captive.

For me, it all began in my childhood. You know them as bullies, primitive examples of their gender preying on the weak in a contest for the title of alpha male. It was here I found my core identity, in the contest of dominance between men and their fundamental need to express their strength and pride.

The very idea of contesting masculinity plays well into bondage, showing who is the most sexually dominant male in a fashion where strength isn't the defining factor but a contributing value to a man's objectified state. Because as men, we are taught to be big and strong. Which makes dominating an even bigger and stronger man a much more impressive feat, where the captive's superior masculine prowess becomes but a testimony to his captor's power.

I developed a preference for physically strong and dominant men, where my idea of bondage isn't just domination and submission but also a way for dominant men to contest each other in a physical yet sexual way, with one of the most gratifying fantasies being the role reversal scenario where the bullied turns the table on his superior counterpart with rope.

But that also makes bondage a contradiction to the male form itself. As stated earlier, the male prides himself on muscle and physical strength, but bondage take those values away by objectifying his body and rendering him powerless as a sexual object.

Struggling then becomes a fundamental part of his masculine identity, fighting against his restraints to retain his pride and not show signs of submission even in such a helpless state. After all, if he willingly yields to submission then what is the point of restraining him? The moment he acknowledges his bondage is the moment where he surrenders his sexuality to his new "master."

In closing, male bondage is an elaborate subject that I will continue exploring through this blog and I welcome you to join me on this journey of muscle and rope.

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