Darius and Draven

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The brothers, Darius and Draven from League of Legends, captured in an enemy dungeon. Darius both furious and disgusted with having to suffer such humiliation after defeat, tugging away in his chains trying to shatter his bonds.

All while his narcissistic brother silent spectates, not really giving much of a fuck and more bothered by how incredibly dull their situation is. His only entertainment and sport being watching his naked brother wrestling with his shackles, slightly disappointed by how his muscles still pales in comparison.

I originally didn't like the idea of drawing Draven all that much, but after Riot Games released A New Dawn, I really took to the character. Especially since the cinematic had a slightly different art style that changes some of the aspects of his character design I previously didn't find as attractive in favor of appearing a bit more bulky and masculine to match his brother.

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