Sett's Punishment

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Only Rakan could drive Sett as crazy with lust as to not notice the spell forming beneath them. The way the charmer had danced around him in the arena, so slippery and taunting with his glamorous display. There was no subtlety in the flirts, "Do you thrust as hard in the bedroom?" Even landing a solid smack on his ass in front of the entire crowd, prompting their "Ooh."

It was more of a mating dance than a fight and everyone could see that.

Malzahar and Zac

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Malzahar struggling to regain control as the pool of slime seems to have a mind of its own and tries to overtake him. Drawn as a gift for my slime and tentacle-loving boyfriend.

Mordekaiser bound

Morderkaiser from League of Legends, tied up inside of his own realm


Hom0Zed Commissions Second Set

These are all commissions made by the talented @Hom0Zed and posted with permission from the artist.
Zed's Conquest Set
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Malzahar and Zed
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The first warrior to fall before Zed's conquest was Malzahar, Prophet of the Void. While the dark mage opened countless portals and filled the area with all sorts of small skittering monstrocisties, the shadow ninja was far too agile and quickly closed the distance between them.

Malzahar thought himself dead but rather than his life, Zed had taken his body and dragged his body back to his temple, locking his foe up in the dungeons stripped and bound as a trophy pet.

Hom0Zed Commissions First Set

These are all commissions made by the talented @Hom0Zed and posted with permission from the artist.
Shen Zed Set
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Unsettled Duel

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The name of a renowned yet discreet festival that Freljordian warriors would sneak away from duty and spouses to join.  Many tried to excuse the occasion as “diplomatic summit between the tribes,” but never could remember even a single line of such dialogue upon their return.

It was what it was. A bunch of burly brutes meeting up for the sole purpose of reveling. Getting slammed with barrels worth of mead, communicating with nothing but fists, grunts and burps.

“Just men being men.”

No one really knew how the festival began. Perhaps it was a brawl between rivaling tribes that became a tradition. But soon enough, word traveled far and wide of a celebration where the greatest of warriors would meet to test their skills and crack open a cask.

Tyrael and Imperius

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Two of the most powerful angels from Diablo, Tyrael and Imperius. Both stripped off their angelic armor and put on display for our sinful mortal eyes.
(Disclaimer: Tyrael is an older piece drawn before I played the actual game, so it's unintentional his skin tone is incorrect.)

Varian Wrynn and Lei Shen

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Two kings. Varian Wrynn and Lei Shen from World of Warcraft, trapped in a narrow glass dome for display.

Malzahar Bound

Malzahar had almost forgotten what it felt like to be a man. Since his visions of “The Void” began, the thoughts that drove a mortal began to fade and the prophet was born. His fractured mind stilled by the emptiness, the hungering dark driving his will. He was no longer human, but an instrument of the void; the herald of its coming.

Not everyone “bought into his religion,” so to speak. At least those were the words of his latest opponent. A man who had also given his mind to the dark, but following the path of shadows.

Never did the prophet question the void, which turned into his downfall. “Finish it then,” Malzahar sneered, beaten on the ground with the ninja stepping on his very chest.  You could almost see the smug grin under Zed’s steel mask as he gloated, “And send your soul to the void you’re so eager to embrace? ...I think I shall keep you bound to that mortal body of yours longer.”

Chris Pratt: Slave for a Day

A free small visual novel game featuring Chris Pratt (Windows PC only). Contains adult themes and sexually graphic content. Has an Unlockable Secret Ending.

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How to install:
  1. Download the ChrisPrattV1.1.rar archive file from one of the mirrors.
  2. Extract the game from the ".rar" archive file with an archive extractor such as 7-Zip.
  3. Launch the ChrisPratt.exe file from the extracted files.

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Disclaimer: This is an entirely free erotic game and a pornographic character parody with an entirely fictional character only based on a person's image.

21/4/2019 Version Update 1.1:
Fixed a bug with the dialogue "Are you even trying to escape?"
Fixed a bug affecting the erection after exiting the secret ending.
Fixed a bug where looping the hand gag played normal grunts instead of muffled.

Rakan tied up

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A tied up Rakan, might eventually do a sequel. I think he can handle some more..

Alternate versions:


Hunting the Hunter

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"The master hunter Rexxar hears rumors of a competition called a hunter's game, but finds that the prey of the hunt could be none other than himself."
Chapter 1: The Champion
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Along the long road wandered a lone figure across the barren desert, accompanied only by a massive grizzly bear slowly staggering behind in his tracks. "Keep up, Misha." He grunted as he winced up at the midday sun, burning bright in an unbearable dry heat.